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Info post for [community profile] arda_marred

Name: Kira
Preferred Pronoun: she/her
Contact: [plurk.com profile] narwa

Name: Rán; Natalja (Natascha Andrejewna) Suchanowa
Canon: Shadowrun
Pull-point: early 2072
Power Opt-in post link: N/A
Content Opt-out post link: N/A
Age: 25 (middle aged)
Gender/Sex: Female

Appearance: 2m; pointy ears, enlarged lower fangs that come almost level with her nose, enlarged supraorbital ridges, muscular but human-like build; white (though with a greyer skintone than a human would have); grey eyes, blond hair; above her right ear is a metallic looking covering about the size of her thumb, which is usually covered by hair. When the covering is removed, a data jack vaguely resembling an usb port lies beneath.

People will likely feel a bit uncomfortable around her - in canon, most (meta-)humans have a subconscious aversion against people that have too much cyberware built into their bodies, because it makes them less "(meta-)human" and people can subconsciously sense that. Rán's still more human than not, but only barely.

History: Natascha's parents, Andrej and Anna, left Russia in the chaos of the Eurowars in 2032, and hoping for a better future moved to Northern Bavaria, where their ancestors had once emigrated from. Despite the double disadvantage of being Russian refugees and orcs, they finally managed to carve out an existence for themselves, and their first three children, among them Natalja, were born to two car repair shop employees in the south of Nuremberg. Then, in 2038, when Anna was pregnant again, they were forced into an internment camp like most other orcs and trolls in today's ADL. That is where their next five children were born. When Natalja was five, they managed to relocate to the forming Troll Kingdom of the Black Forest, being among the orcs who helped with its establishment and the wars involved.

Being the only girl, Natalja quickly fell into a role of authority over her brothers, trying to navigate them through the worst of the chaos and insecurities of their upbringing. When the parents finally managed to settle down again and start a small car workshop of their own, they made as many of their children help out as possible, and Natalja found that she quite enjoyed working with cars. It took a while, but eventually she dealt with the first rigged car, and the fascination with the thought of becoming the car one was driving stuck with her.

But her parents were barely able to afford a car - the massive cost of a rigging control was way out of the range of what they could have afforded. So Natalja began to look for other options, and finally ended up with an offer which she just couldn't refuse. So, in return for them paying for her rigging control, the surgery for it, the rigging console and some more equipment, in 2065 she entered into a branch of the Vory that mainly operated in parts of Hamburg and other North Sea locations. With her, she took three of her brothers, and her parents never quite forgave her for not only falling in with organized crime but also dragging her brothers along with her. For years, she worked for the Vory, mostly in the smuggling department. But life works in mysterious ways, and after some internal strife among the Vory and the resulting danger to life and health, she took her surviving brother Alexej and absconded for a few months to the Red Corsairs, a pirate crew in the North Sea, before moving on to Berlin and working independently.

Personality: While Natalja, like most orcs, tends to answer to problems with aggression and gets physical very quickly when she does so, she rarely reacts to insults that way - she has managed to desensitize herself against most of them. But when she sees more than a bait in an insult and perceives that actual threat might lie in it, her fuse is rather short.

A big part of that is that her own life and that of those that she is responsible for is more important than honour, duty and similar things to her - but, as she has learned in her life, while most insults aim at one's honour and self-respect, some can cause actual physical danger and need to be dealt with straight on.

Her highest priority is whatever her passion is, and that has been the thrill of leaving her body and jumping into machines for many years now. Second comes freedom, a priority that quickly takes the lead if someone tries to limit her passion but is always prominent. And third stands loyalty, first to her family and then to friends, if they exist. She has never felt loyalty to a cause or an abstract group.

She has some principles, but conventional morals and ethics mean little to her; she'll do any kind of wetwork (assassinations/etc) as long as they aren't family/friends, no matter the target, and shoot at troublemakers without hesitation. She's also quite arrogant, especially towards humans and elves - mainly a "as you do me so I shall do you" mechanism. It is also humans and elves that she distrusts the most, though all other metahumans will have a hard time with getting her to trust them, too - real trust she'll only give to a select few. It are experiences that have formed these attitudes: A childhood between an internment camp and a country at war and an adulthood spent among too many people that more or less obviously considered orcs and trolls lesser humans. That is also why orcs and trolls will have an easier time with getting her to trust them, even though she will readily admit that they aren't the brightest crayons in the box. It isn't wrong to call her jaded or a cynic, though she would never think of herself in those terms. She just considers herself practical and realistic.

On the other hand she likes to joke around and exchange (more or less witty) banter and can be happy like a small child when she gets to follow her passions. She's also fairly organized and capable of structuring for an orc, and coupled with her loathing having to follow someone else, she tends to end up the leader in groups consisting of unstructured people, followers and/or lone wolves.

- Rigging (specialized in aircraft and ships): Natascha can mentally connect to and even "become" anything (be it a car, a ship, an airplane, a robot, a gun, the security system of a building) that is equipped with a rigging interface. For this, she needs the rigger control that is attached to her brain and the rigger console, which is an external electronic device of about the size of a small boombox.
- Mechanical repairs: She can repair cars, weapons and her drones.
- Basic hacking skills, mostly of the defensive variety.
- Fighting: Hand-to-hand combat; knife fighting with the blades built into her arms; using the weapons of her drones. She also owns a pistol and can use it, but isn't particularly adept with it.
- Languages: Fluent: Russian, Or'zet, German; enough to survive: English, Japanese; a few words: Norwegian, Danish.
- First aid

- armoured street clothing (Urban Explorer Overall)
- Pistol (Ares Predator)
- Drones: 5 MCT-Fly spies, 1 MCT-Nissan Roto (carries an Ares Alpha gun with grenade launcher)
- Rigger console (in a sport's bag)
- Medkit
- Commlink with some pictures of family and other things saved in it.
- gasmask